The NHRU has received appeal correspondences overnight from Merewether Carlton and Maitland in regards to the severity of the sanctions applied in regards to the playing of unregistered players during Premier Round 3.

The Board applied the sanctions of fines, loss of competition points and a Club suspension for one round.

The Board has resolved that the ‘Club suspension element’ of the sanction imposed by the NHRU, in the interests of procedural fairness, be suspended until the matter can be heard at a Judiciary Hearing to be scheduled as soon as practicable. Therefore, the full Round 4 of Premier Rugby will be played this weekend.

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  1. Dave Rowland

    I believe that common sense has prevailed. The clubs have been fined and lost points. There is no need to rob players of not just the suspended clubs but also the teams they were ment to play in round 4 of a chance to compete in a game they love.

  2. Chris Hutchinson

    I can understand the idea of imposing penalties.This has to do with Insurance and player welfare. But one wonders why NOTHING was done when a Grand Final club threatened to take the Board to court when a player was rightfully suspended only to then get its way with that player being able to play the Grand final. Is that in the best spirit of the game?. Is this new look board better or same as last year?

  3. C Delore

    Great to see some action regards playing unregistered players not sure on a whole round suspension if human error is a fault . One needs to remember this is voluntary and sometimes errors are made accidentally without malaise It is when error is deliberate there should be harsher penalties I have noticed all points have been reallocated not sure if this is a computer glitch or it now seems to be deemed Ok by the board to knowingly play unregistered players.

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