PPS Auditor advice in regards to Bryce Maddern PPS Enquiry

The Player Points System (PPS) Auditor has advised his ruling in regards to the Bryce Maddern (Hamilton) PPS protest raised by Wanderers.

The PPS Auditor advised that investigations have indicated there is no action required to be taken against Hamilton. In passing his ruling the PPS Auditor noted the following: –

  1. The player concerned had been classified as a converted Rugby League category player attracting nil PPS points for the entire 2015 and 2016 seasons before any Clubs challenged the classification after the 2016 Grand Final;

  2. There is conflicting evidence in regards to both the registration of and number of games played at Southern Beaches during the 2013 season;

  3. Hamilton followed due process when seeking a PPS declaration for the said player at the commencement of the 2015 season. On advice from the player, they declared that he was a Rugby League player with Central Charlestown in 2013, 2012 & 2011. In 2014 he was registered with Gold Coast Tugun Rugby League. The then PPS Auditor had no reason to challenge this information and so he was accordingly declared a Rugby League convert attracting a nil points classification;

  4. At the commencement of the 2016 season, like all other players, Bryce Maddern’s classification (as a Rugby League convert) ‘rolled over’ from the previous season. Throughout the minor premiership season whilst mostly playing Premier 1, no club raised any issues regarding this classification, including during the final series. All clubs had access to PPS declarations during the season not only via team sheets and team declarations but also the RugbyLink database;  

  5. Following this investigation, it is evident that no club challenged the categorisation of the player during the previous two seasons. All clubs had 2 full years to challenge if they felt there were issues to be raised;

  6. To challenge the categorisation after the Grand Final is contrary to the intent of the PPS system. It was never intended as a means of ‘trapping’ another club to deliberately cause them grief. This is totally against the ethos of rugby. The intention of PPS is to ensure that as clubs recruited new players, restrictions were placed on ‘importing’ and ‘poaching’ with the intent of enhancing the competitive nature of our competition. This was unanimously supported again by all Premier Clubs at a facilitated meeting during the year.

  7. To use a PPS investigation in any other way is malicious and brings our great game into disrepute;

  8. Due to these type of PPS enquiries, recommendations will be made to the NHRU Board that: –

    a) That limited timeframes be set for challenges to PPS declarations from the 2017 season onwards;

    b) Ensure all Clubs PPS declarations are made public at start of the season; and

    c) Impose penalties for clubs making malicious challenges and conduct that is detrimental to the spirit of our game.