NHRU Announcement regarding Lake Macquarie Rugby Club

“The NHRU Board today held a Special Board Teleconference to decide the fate of LMRC following a string of poor on field performances.

The NHRU Board have voted to keep LMRC in the NHRU Premier Competition for the remainder of the 2108 Season conditional on LMRC demonstrating to the NHRU Board, they remain safe and are making a concerted effort to improve their “On “ and “Off” the field performance. LMRC President, Matt Bartley, and Treasurer, Mark Mitchell, have given the NHRU assurances the Club is managing player safety and is building their plan for 2019 of which they will present to the NHRU Board later this year.

While the NHRU are concerned with LMRC’s poor match results, the Board do not see any overall benefit in relegating LMRC to the Divisional Competition mid-season 2018. It would disrupt both competitions leaving Premier Rugby playing less Rugby with two Byes in the second half of the season and the Divisional Competition being significantly disrupted.

The NHRU are mid-way through an extensive review of Hunter Rugby and will be delivering it’s findings and Strategic Plan in December this year. Any major Competition Structural changes will be made in full consultation with all Hunter Rugby Clubs after this review is completed.

This decision gives LMRC certainty to the end of this Season. However, LMRC’s future in 2019 and beyond is now in their hands and while the NHRU will be working closely with them through this period, the LMRC community need to get involved and step up to help their club survive.”

Bill Clifton – NHRU President